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We offer something that suits every taste and meets a variety of dietary lifestyles. We’ll help you serve up something fun—because that’s what we’re about.

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Blue Bunny®

Our signature brand, Blue Bunny includes a flavorful lineup of more than 400 ice cream flavors, frozen products, and frozen novelties. Whether you’re serving students or restaurant diners, Blue Bunny can help. All products are proudly produced, marketed, and sold nationwide.

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Blue Ribbon Classics

You can never go wrong when you go with something classic! Use the timeless flavors, generous offers, and unbeatable values of Blue Ribbon Classic to turn any moment into a special celebration. Every bite is part of a simply sweet tradition that your customers are sure to love.

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Bomb Pop®

Exploding with flavor, Bomb Pop sends every taster to new heights. This classic treat includes three flavors on one stick, offering a uniquely flavorful experience. Treat your customers and their taste buds to a blast of fun fruitiness and cool colors.

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Sorbet that eats like an ice cream. Deliciously decadent with creamy fruit and nut butters, Sorbabes is a vegan, gluten- and dairy-free sorbet made with non-GMO ingredients. For those who want a better-for-you indulgent option this treat is the perfect fix.

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