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A new wave of consumer is here—and growing. They’re the people who want indulgent desserts without sacrificing a lifestyle of eating well.

They’re the better-for-you consumers, and they want Chilly Cow.

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What is Chilly Cow?

Chilly Cow is a new take on ice cream that changes everything about the better-for-you dessert category.

  • It's packaged in half-pints, making it just the right size for a forgiving indulgence.
  • It's made with ultra-filtered nonfat milk, which keeps Chilly Cow rich, smooth, and creamy.

Chilly Cow is the perfect way to reach those health-conscious consumers you’re missing.

Why should you sell it?

Chilly Cow tested in the 96th percentile for purchase intent: 58% of consumers agreed they’d definitely or probably buy it.1 And, for you, that means profit where you’re currently missing it.

  • Colleges & Universities: The perfect snack between classes, to celebrate after a test, or during a study break with friends.
  • Business & Industry: Give employees a perfectly portioned addition to an afternoon meeting or a snack break at their desks.
  • Lodging & Recreation: Serving Chilly Cow in your hotel or attraction gives everyone an opportunity to indulge and refuel.
  • Quick Service Restaurants: Chilly Cow half-pint servings are a dose of sweetness customers can’t deny.

If you’re already serving ice cream, then you know your customers want it—but you might be missing out on those who don’t think it’s healthy. Give them another great option with Chilly Cow. Each half-pint serving comes individually packaged and is just the right amount for an impulsive snack.

Chilly Cow Half Pints

Each Chilly Cow half-pint is individually packaged and is just the right size and price for turning an occasional snack into an everyday treat. It promotes individuality and portion control, drawing customers in at less cost for both themselves and you.

$2.99 Operator Suggested Sell Price
55% Est. Profit Margin Rate*
10% Additional Est. Benefit from Labor Savings**

*Based on foods costs. Assumptions include LTL Low Bracket with 12% distr. mark up. **Based on reduction from assumed 25-35% labor costs for soft serve, scooped or handmade ice cream. Calculations are illustrations only. Actual results may vary.

Chocoloate Chip Cookie Dough Chilly Cow Icecream Item #1129875
UPC #007064001637
Brown Butter Salted Caramel Chilly Cow Icecream Item #1129829
UPC #007064001635
Chocolate Brownie Batter Chilly Cow Icecream Item #1129843
UPC #007064001636
Vanilla Graham Swirl Chilly Cow Icecream Item #1129811
UPC #007064001634

All four flavors are inspired by consumer favorites but with a fun new twist, and perfectly balance taste, texture, and toppings.

Each half-pint packs tons of flavor and satisfaction that your consumers can feel good about.

Chilly Cow is a guiltless indulgence that tastes great—because, as America’s favorite frozen dessert1, ice cream should be an experience everyone can enjoy.

Ready to fill your freezers?

1 Source: Datassential SCORESTM database, May 2017. Normative scores shown, with 100 = max possible score. Percentile scores based on comparison among 1500 desserts.
2 Limitations apply. Must be foodservice operator. See rebate downloadable form for details.