Better For You Opportunity
for Cafeterias

Posted On 2/3/2018 | Category: Profitability Trends

Drive growth in cafeterias with Better For You opportunities.

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Opportunities to Drive Traffic

Cafeterias have an opportunity to drive traffic and profits with ice cream. A couple insights from consumers:
1. Millennials are more likely to increase buying behaviors 
      a. Need destination worthy options that fit their lifestyle
2.  Millennial habits are driven by social drivers
      a. Make ice cream an event with competing textures and layers
      b. Make ice cream Better For You with guiltless indulgence

Insights for Cafeteria

1. 'Quality' is the insatiable quest
2. Better For You is a complex,
but moving to high protein, clean label
3. Convenience has a role
4. Immediately consumable options are a BIG opportunity
5. Fun but indulgent

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Cafeterias have the greatest Better For You potential with a broad range of offerings targeted to younger consumers. On average, approximately 60% of the population is interested in some BFY improvements in cafeterias.