Beverage Toppers

Stir things up in your drink menu with bold, bright beverage toppers from Wells Foodservice, the coolest trend in culinary pop culture.

Interactive Drink Experiences

Edible beverage toppers, like Bomb Pop® and ice cream bars, have become a hit for numerous operator segments. These flashy stir sticks slowly melt into shakes, lemonades, and other adult beverages to create new interactive drink experiences that customers love sharing online.
Adding beverage toppers to your drink menu is easy—and the return on investment substantial. Beverage toppers increase check averages and help generate new traffic in-store and online.*

Imagine The Possibilities

Upsell With Beverage Toppers

Beverage toppers provide strong upselling opportunities for numerous operator segments:

  • Americans order 50 billion beverage servings annually, roughly 5 billion of which are alcoholic.
  • Beverage alcohol increases check totals by 8% on average.*
Beverage toppers help you tap into this market and increase gross profits on beverage sales with minimal added labor.

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Stick A Bomb Pop On Top

By adding Bomb Pop beverage toppers to their cocktail menus, our partners have seen a $1.06 average increase in gross profit per unit, a 21% profit increase on cocktail sales overall.* These vivid stir sticks make drinks pop and evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia for consumers.

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Bomb Pop Beverage Toppers

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*2019 NPD Beverage Study