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Ice Cream Brings Joy

It goes without saying: students love ice cream—it's their top dessert of choice! But not all Smart Snack ice cream tastes great. Explore our premium lineup of Smart Snack approved ice cream to satisfy student cravings without compromising on taste.

Maximize profits by being arm's length with your ice cream offering:

  • Cafeteria A la Carte
  • In-Classroom/Snacks Off the Bus
  • Home Snack Delivery
  • Hallway/Common Area Snacks
  • Convenience Store
  • Sports Recreation

New and Better-for-You

Explore Dippin’ Dots Fruit Pearls®, a fun mix of real fruit & creamy yogurt—a perfect student snack any time of day.
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Explore Freezers

Strategically merchandising frozen products can drive purchases and increase efficiencies in your business. Invest in a great ice cream storage solution with a Wells Foodservice freezer.
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