Extreme Shakes

Frozen ice cream dessert consumption is strong with nearly three out of four consumers eating in any given week. Not only did more Americans choose ice cream type desserts as their favorite dessert (25%), but also the most chosen last dessert by 32% of consumers. Shakes are a key foodservice ice cream dessert that has a great operator profit story.

Increase Your Profit Margin with Extreme Shakes

• Shakes drive beverage category
   - 40% of shake orders also include an additional revenue generating beverage (NPD 2016 dessert study)
• Shakes increase check size
• Shakes increase satisfaction
• Shakes drive traffic
• Free Social PR (Canon's Inaugural Photography Trends Study Data found that "decadent ice cream dishes" are the most commonly photographed dish" at 51%)


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Consumers Prefer Milkshakes Made with Hard-Pack Ice Cream

• Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer a milkshake made with hard-pack ice cream over a milkshake made with soft-serve ice cream*
• The majority of milkshake consumers agree that shakes made with hard-pack ice cream have better texture and flavor than those made with soft-serve ice cream•
• The majority also agreed that they would be willing to pay more for a shake made with hard-pack ice cream*
*Source: iST Milkshake Study, November 2010

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