Dirt 'n Worms Ice Cream Sundae

Degree of Difficulty: 

Rich BLUE BUNNY® Chocolate Ice Cream smothered in hot fudge and chocolate cookie pieces.

Equipment: Ice cream scoop (#12), small-stemmed sundae dish
Makes: 1 serving
Prep time: Varies


2 oz. (1 heaping Tbsp.) hot fudge 2-#12 scoops (6-1/4 oz.) BLUE BUNNY® Premium Chocolate Ice Cream, #19506 2 chocolate sandwich cookies (crushed) whipped cream for optional garnish 1 maraschino cherry gummy worms


Drizzle about half of the fudge into the bottom of the ice cream dish. Scoop BLUE BUNNY® Premium Chocolate Ice Cream on top, then drizzle the remaining hot fudge sauce and crushed chocolate sandwich cookies over the top. Garnish with whipped cream, a cherry & gummy worms.


Ice cream loses flavor and texture if allowed to melt too much. For best dipping results when using a 3-gallon tub, begin scooping close to tub wall, cutting about 1/2 inch down.