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Loggin' Toboggan

Loggin' Toboggan

Peppermint stick ice cream layered on top of chocolate cake and créme rolls, drizzled with chocolate sauce, dusted with powdered sugar and garnished with sprinkles.


  • 3 - #20 scoop Blue Bunny® Peppermint Stick Ice Cream
  • 2 each chocolate cake and crème roll, prepared
  • 1 Tbsp chocolate sauce
  • as needed powdered sugar
  • as needed seasonal sprinkles
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  1. Slice chocolate cake roll on the bias, line the bottom of a glass bowl with them.
  2. Pile with 3 scoops peppermint stick ice cream.
  3. Drizzle with chocolate sauce.
  4. Dust with Powdered sugar.
  5. Garnish with seasonal sprinkles.