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Consumers are Craving Ice CreamCreate Signature Offerings with Blue Bunny®

With the ice cream category up 20 percent in 2020,1 it’s clear that consumers are craving the comforting and delicious taste of ice cream more than ever before. In a time when takeout, drive-thru and delivery are key business drivers, don't overlook ice cream as your dessert-menu savior!

Did you know that ice cream is the most-loved dessert by delivery-heavy users,2 and desserts are consumed almost 5X more than appetizers at home?3 Ice cream is the ideal impulse buy, whether you’re offering signature desserts or family kits made with Blue Bunny® hard-packed vanilla ice cream or irresistible prepackaged novelties like Scoops®, Load’d Sundaes®, Load’d Bars® and Mini Swirls®.

Use Hard-Packed Ice Cream For Takeout and Delivery Desserts

Blue Bunny® vanilla ice cream (available in 3-gallon tubs) is the perfect blank canvas to bring your takeout and delivery dessert menu to life. Watch the video to see how easy it is to incorporate into signature desserts, layered desserts and family kits. Try serving these items in 8 oz., 16 oz. and 32 oz. containers to offer something for every price point and occasion.

No melted desserts on our watch! Blue Bunny® Scoops® and hard-packed ice cream can withstand the whole ride home.4

Recipe Inspiration

We put together a collection of recipes designed to inspire your dessert menu. Use what you already have in your pantry to create unique signature items while being smart with your inventory. Most of these recipes can be prepared and frozen ahead of time, and they’re all designed to travel well. You can also cater to every price point and occasion by offering desserts in various sizes, such as 8 oz., 16 oz. or 32 oz.

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Check Out Our White Paper "Ice Cream is on Fire Off-Premise"

For more insights and ideas for adding ice cream to your dessert menu, download our white paper.

Reduce Touchpoints and Labor Prepackaged Novelties and Scoops®

Minimize back-of-house labor and touchpoints with individually wrapped Scoops®, Load’d Sundaes®, Load’d Bars® and Mini Swirls®. Improve your margins by using and selling only what you need!

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Dessert Menu Inspiration

Download our sell sheet for more information about how to use hard-packed ice cream to create signature offerings for your takeout and delivery program.

Make Desserts that Deliver

Let us show you how to make ice cream travel well. It’s an easy way to boost your check averages and maximize your current inventory. Contact us to learn more!

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1 AC Nielsen, 2020.
2 Datassential 2021 Take Home Study.
3 NPD At Home Study, 2020.
4 Third-party product testing confirmed product can remain frozen up to an hour at room temperature, 2020.