Our 4-Ounce Cups Get a Makeover

From Foam to Recyclable Plastic A Sustainability Goal Within Reach

One of our most popular products in the healthcare sector, the 4-ounce ice cream cup, is transitioning from expanded polystyrene (EPS) to new packaging. With many states in the process of banning EPS as early as this year, Wells wanted to get ahead of the curve with an improved, recyclable container.

Unfortunately, EPS can’t be recycled, so most of it ends up in a landfill, where it takes up roughly 30% of available landfill space. Once there, it breaks down slowly into small foam beads which can enter waterways and harm aquatic wildlife and marine creatures.

Of the 3 million tons of EPS the U.S. produces, Wells goes through about 250 tons just to supply the 4-ounce cups in just one business year. To reduce our environmental impact, we decided to focus our efforts on finding a more sustainable solution.

Clearly Better Introducing a Difference You Can See

Notice anything different? Plastic polypropylene (PP), is used by the dairy industry, food retailers, and restaurants. We think you’ll love it because it keeps the same melt rate* as the original packaging, and you can see all the delicious Blue Bunny® flavors right through the cup.

And unlike EPS, PP is recyclable* and can be turned back into dishware, clothing, industrial fibers, and more.

No changes to product specs, pack size, artwork, lid, and most importantly, the ice cream itself!

Read More About It

Our white paper "Charting a Course to a Brighter Future--Clearly" outlines why we needed a new material for the cups and how we made the choice.

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Sustainably Delicious

Download our sell sheet for more information about 4-ounce ice cream cups.

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Better For Healthcare Service, Better for the Planet

Wells is always striving to improve its impact on the environment. Contact us to learn more!

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1 No discernable difference in temperature hold through 90 minutes of testing.
2 According to the latest from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, just over the majority (60%) of Americans have access in their community to a recycling program that accepts rigid polypropylene (PP).