3 Gallon Seasonal Flavors

Attract new traffic and upsell more ice cream by offering seasonal flavors that consumers love. Our selection of Blue Bunny 3 gallon flavors enhances your menu with popular limited time offers year-round.

Why do seasonal ice cream flavors work?

Seasonal flavors are the #1 purchasing driver behind LTOs.* Not only do they offer unique tastes to help customers celebrate with ice cream year-round (like cinnamon during fall), seasonal flavors also increase traffic since they're only available for a short time—like the seasons!

Our 360 LTO Strategy

Generate more traffic and make the most of LTOs with our 3-step strategy.

  1. Establish Seasonal Flavors: Every season gets something new and unique.
  2. Create Extreme Recipes: Extreme recipes provide consumers with a more memorable ice cream experience, harder to replicate at home.
  3. Develop a Social Media Campaign: Generate buzz online by encouraging users to share photos.

Our 360 LTO strategy keeps the spotlight on your featured 3G flavors year-round, both driving traffic and building a stronger online presence.

How to Order

The Stats Are In

How do we know consumers love LTOs? These numbers speak for themselves.

  • 49% had an LTO in the past 2 weeks**
  • 47% of Millennials and Gen Zs visit just for LTOs**
  • 39% want more offerings that feature a combo of flavors**
Our premium LTO portfolio helps you satisfy consumer demand while attracting new ice cream fanatics at the same time. Ready to take the first step?

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Make Seasonal Flavors Extreme

Take your seasonal flavors to the next level with our extreme menu recipes. Bright, over-the-top desserts have the wow factor that younger consumers frequently share online. 37% of Millenials and 31% of Gen Zs post pictures of striking desserts on social media.***
From shakes to ice cream sandwiches, our extreme desserts and treats attract more consumers and boost profitability.

Extreme Menu Items
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*Technomic Flavor Trend Report 2018
**Source: Datassential: The Flavor Experience, The Language of Love 2018
***Technomic, 2018.