Extreme Menu Insights

Learn how Extreme Menu Items can enhance your dessert offerings and drive new profits for any operator segment.

Perfectly Over-The-Top

Our Extreme Menu offers signature shakes, sundaes, floats, and ice cream sandwiches designed to wow consumers, generate buzz, and increase unique dessert sales. The key? Offering over-the-top ice cream experiences that can't be easily replicated at home.

Extreme Shakes

A blend of classic ingredients, like hard-pack vanilla ice cream and sweet candy mix-ins, topped with loads of eye-grabbing goodies. Extreme Shakes have proven to drive profitability and traffic.

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Extreme Sundaes

To make a traditional dessert like a sundae stand out, it needs to be extreme: over-exaggerated portions and textures, big colors, and tons of layers. View more insights about how Extreme Sundaes are turning big profits for both dine-in and carryout.

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Extreme Floats

Explore Extreme Float recipes made with premium Blue Bunny® ice cream and other time-tested flavor combinations that increase profit margins and impress more.

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Extreme Sandwiches

84% of consumers like or love ice cream sandwiches.* Our Extreme Sandwiches capitalize on this hot trend with imaginative new flavors and combinations for both dine-in and carryout. Versatile, low-cost, and easy to create.

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Need a Fast Solution?

Thanks to our premium Blue Bunny® pre-pack ice creams, you can begin serving Extreme Menu Items in no time. Scoops® and Big Slice® make signature desserts and snacks a convenient, affordable, and profitable possibility for you today.
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*Source: Datassential, SNAP, 2019