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Layer on the profits with innovative Ice Cream Sandwich recipes from Blue Bunny®.

Delight your customers with nostalgic, high-impact indulgences that pack flavor and fun into every bite. These innovative, Insta-worthy treats are not only versatile, low cost, and easy to build, but they’re one of the hottest trends in the to-go market. Filled with eye-catching colors and textures, Ice Cream Sandwiches by Blue Bunny® are not just for kids anymore!

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What's Trending with Ice Cream Sandwiches?

  • Adventurous, artisanal flavor combinations and unique formats
  • Imaginative interpretations of ice cream carriers such as Texas toast, pancakes, or pie
  • Merging old favorites with new surprises for dine-in, carryout, or delivery
Peanut Pretzel Sammie Surprise

The Sales Scoop

84% of consumers like or love ice cream sandwiches
(Source: Datassential, SNAP, 2019)

Check out our Ice Cream Sandwich recipes and profit calculations, and start building dessert sales today!

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