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Layer on Profits with Extreme Sundaes by Blue Bunny®

From dine-in to carry-out, these sundaes make any meal an event. Dig into our over-the-top, insta-worthy recipes using premium ice cream and confections from Blue Bunny and bring EXTREME flavor and excitement to your menu.

Recipes are available in both shareable and single-serve portion size.

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Extreme Sundaes
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Sweet Slopes Sundae

What's trending with Sundaes?

  • Overexaggerated portions and multiple desserts combined into one.
  • Brightly colored sweets, including rainbow and unicorn inspirations.
  • Eye-catching and novel presentations of traditional desserts.
S'More, Please Sundae

The Sales Scoop

Over a third of 18-34 year olds post pictures of dessert to social media, and for more younger than older consumers are drawn to dramatic, eye-catching dessert offerings.

Technomic Dessert Study, 2017

Check out our Extreme Sundaes recipes and profit calculations and start building dessert sales today!

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