Discover Refreshing Summer Favorites

Discover Refreshing Summer Favorites


August is the last full month of summer and customers are looking for fun flavors to make some delicious memories. And that means it's the perfect time to introduce them to Blue Bunny® Cotton Candy Premium Ice Cream! This pink and blue cotton candy treat features candy confetti pieces that make it easy to create exciting LTOs that everyone can enjoy.

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With the rise of retro flavors, August is a great opportunity to capitalize on the nostalgia customers have for a favorite summer treat: cotton candy! Go classic with a bowl of Blue Bunny® Cotton Candy Premium Ice Cream garnished with a candy floss skewer, or try something more imaginative with candy toppings, like sprinkles and lollipops, to create a one-of-a-kind unicorn LTO. There's no end to how much irresistible fun you can create!

A Platter of Many Colors

One of the joys of cotton candy is how versatile it can be. Its flavor and nostalgia allow you to mix and match it with just about anything! That freedom makes it ideal for creating something that’s both fun and familiar for customers but still unique to your operation.

A Platter of Many Colors

Candy Fusion Platter

Everything your customers could dream of and more. Start with strawberry soda or ginger ale paired with either Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean Premium Ice Cream or Blue Bunny Cotton Candy Premium Ice Cream, and then garnish with a selection of popping candy, traditional cotton candy, licorice ropes or mini gumballs. Add in a fun twisty lollipop to stir everything together.

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Candy Fusion Platter

August 4National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Talk about tasty celebrations! Spilled Cookies feature a chocolate-chipstudded Blue Bunny Big Bopper® Sandwich split and dipped in a rich chocolate shell topped with mini marshmallows, salted pretzels and dulce de leche.

August 7National Raspberries And Cream Day

Delight raspberry and cream enthusiasts with the Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sundae: Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean Scoops® topped with bittersweet chocolate curls, fresh raspberries, raspberry syrup and whipped cream.

August 15National Lemon Meringue Pie Day

The Lemon Meringue Float was made for this day! Sparkling lemonade in a tall, meringue-and-pie-crumblecoated glass, topped with a scoop of Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean Premium Ice Cream, a slice of lemon bar and brûléed meringue frosting.

August 18National Ice Cream Pie Day

Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Pies pack flavor in every bite! Fill a graham cracker crust with Blue Bunny Chocolate Premium Ice Cream, top it with a layer of peanut butter sauce and finish with roasted peanuts and flaky sea salt.

August 20National Bacon Lovers Day

A delicious pairing customers won't see coming! The Wakey, Wakey, Bacon Shakey blends crisp bacon bits with Blue Bunny Salted Caramel Craze Premium Ice Cream and bold-brewed iced coffee. Top with whipped cream and additional bacon bits.

August 24National Waffle Day

Get ready for Waffle Day with the Butter Pecan Stroopwafel. Start with delicious Blue Bunny Butter Pecan Premium Ice Cream and sandwich it between two crispy stroopwafels. Great served with a hot cup of coffee!

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