Create a Parade of Amazing Tastes

Create a Parade of Amazing Tastes


July is full of fantastic holidays and celebrations and Blue Bunny® Scooper Hero® Premium Ice Cream is an easy way to make the most of these occasions with red, yellow, and blue hues swirled in a classic vanilla flavor.

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Whether it's a teacher, a parent, a neighbor or just a great friend, everyone has a hero in their life. Give your customers a way to celebrate those who have helped or inspired them with a special Scooper Hero Day. Offer up an extra scoop or free topping to those who gift this dessert to another along with a social media post about what makes them their personal Scooper Hero.

Make A Big Bang With LTOs!

Independence Day is one of our most celebrated holidays, and, with the higher temperatures of July, it's the perfect time to encourage creativity with cool ice cream options made irresistible with Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream.

Make A Big Bang With LTOs!

Recipes to Mix Up Your July

Red, white, and blue sprinkles can make any traditional dessert a fun tribute to the holiday. Use them to turn a classic banana split into a Star-Spangled Banana Split or dress up a Blue Bunny Big Vanilla® Sandwich in ‘em to create a Declaration of Ice Cream Sandwich. And, with the popularity of milkshakes, why not offer up an Oh Say Can You Taste Shake featuring Blue Bunny Strawberry Premium Ice Cream, whipped cream and fresh blueberries?

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Recipes to Mix Up Your July

July 4Independence Day

Celebrate the birth of our nation with the La Bomb Pop Street Bowl. It brings fire and ice to life with Bomb Pops®, chili powder, sea salt flakes and strawberry chamoy sauce.

July 6National Fried Chicken Day

Give your customers the perfect dessert to complement their chicken with Nashville Hot Ice Cream Sandwiches featuring Blue Bunny Vanilla Premium Ice Cream sandwiched in a biscuit and rolled in Nashville hot seasoning.

July 17National Ice Cream Day

Celebrate with the Cracker Jack Sundae featuring Blue Bunny Peanut Butter and Fudge Premium Ice Cream drizzled with chocolate fudge sauce, peanut butter and whipped cream, then garnished with pretzels and caramel corn.

July 22Mango Day

Draw in all the mango lovers with the Strawberry Mangonada: smooth and creamy Blue Bunny Strawberry Premium Ice Cream blended with mango and swirled with strawberry sauce. Serve it up in a salty lime spice-rimmed cup topped with whipped cream.

July 24National Drive-Thru Day

Capitalize on the rise of on-the-go snacking with deliciously convenient Blue Bunny Load'd Sundaes®. They're always ready to go and irresistible as a standalone snack or a sweet ending to customers' favorite meals.

July 30National Cheesecake Day

Give customers a way to celebrate this day anywhere! The Strawberry Cheeseshake is filled with blended Blue Bunny Strawberry Cheesecake Premium Ice Cream and topped with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and a Strawberry Shortcake Bar.

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